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Runner posing after race
Author Image: Time for our post-run beverage

One of the many pre-pandemic activities my son Diego (27 years old, autistic) missed were the regular town races. For years, we’d been running the Memorial Day Run, Abilis Run, Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell Jog.

The first pandemic-be-damned race we got to do was the Abilis Run, which was…

Hi there Nation!

Just a couple of stories for you today. The first, a compilation of strategies for getting what you want, courtesy of Diego, my autistic son, who ALWAYS gets his way.

6 Highly Effective Strategies to Get What You Want

The second, a few observations about the math skills of 4-year-olds, which never cease to delight me.

The Peculiar Mathematical Powers of 4-year-old Children

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Image by _Alicja_ on Pixabay

The mathematical skills of a 4-year-old child are largely predictable.

I know this from experience, as I’ve been teaching 4-year-olds with and without disabilities for 16 years. I also have a developmentally disabled 27-year-old son, Diego, whose mathematical skills, in most ways, stayed at roughly a 4-year-old (4yo) stage.


man eating ice cream
Author image: Diego, shared with his consent

It takes Diego’s cousin Eugenia (who’s the same age as him) a few text messages to arrange an outing to a bar with friends in Manhattan.

Should Eugenia decide to work remotely from Mexico City for a couple of months just because she wants a Latin America experience, she’s able…

Image by Author: Diego (27, autistic) at his job training site. Published with permission

Hello Special Nation,

Why do you work?

Diego, my autistic son, makes it easy to understand why the purpose of work sometimes doesn’t involve “making a living,” as in paying the bills. It can mean way more than that, as you’ll read about here:

‘I Can’t Go. I Have Work’

Disability and Diego also loom large in my mind whenever I go out for a run. Read about it and other thoughts (silly and serious) that also comes to mind in my running space:

The Wondrous Things I Think about in My Running Space

Thanks infinitely for stopping by this magical Special Nation!


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