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Author image: Andres eating a mango from the backyard (1998)

Here’s a message* I received back in January which gave me a sense of hope for the year that was starting :

Hello Mrs. Daniella, how are you. You probably don’t remember me, it’s been 22 years since I last saw you and still you are always present in my…

Hi there Nation!

Just a couple of stories for you today. The first, a compilation of strategies for getting what you want, courtesy of Diego, my autistic son, who ALWAYS gets his way.

6 Highly Effective Strategies to Get What You Want

The second, a few observations about the math skills of 4-year-olds, which never cease to delight me.

The Peculiar Mathematical Powers of 4-year-old Children

Until next time, take good care,


Daniella Mini

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