Hi Bill,

I come from Venezuela. When I got married (27 years ago), part of what the judge says is something along the lines that you may, if you want, adopt your husband’s last name. I did not. I stayed Daniella Mini.

People who do adopt the husband’s last name will keep their maiden name and add “de”- as in Daniella Mini de Rabellino. I don’t like this. I’ve stayed Daniella Mini.

Also, in Venezuela, I’m actually Daniella Mini Arreaza, and my kids are Diego and Andres Rabellino Mini.

One thing no Venezuelan woman does is keep a husband’s last name if they get divorced. It’s weird for me to see that women here often do.

Ponderer, teacher, runner, immigrant. I want to help you “Know thyself.” 🇻🇪 🇺🇸 Check out The Honest Ponderer: https://mailchi.mp/eea027e7565f/medium-subs

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